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Link street dash led icon wiring.


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Hi lads,


I have the link mxs street dash and want to wire up the street icons and have just the digital dash in place of the oem dash.

I have the 23 pin ampseal connector and terminals to do this. Looking in the manual the dash has analogue inputs.

Are the lights for indicators etc on the oem dash 12v or 5v? if they are 12 then obviously i will need to convert them to 5v dignals with a voltage divider or something.


also want to wire up fuel sender to dash

Any info here would be appreciated, cheers.

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The inputs are very flexible.  When used as digital inputs they can switch to ground, 5V or 12V and have a internal pull-up that can be enabled.  When used as analog inputs they have a variable gain amplifier so can be set to measure 0-50mV for EGT's etc, 0-500mv, 0-5V, or 0-12V.  

This doc should explain most of what you will need for dash indicator type signals: https://www.aim-sportline.com/download/faqs/eng/hardware/sensors/mx_series/FAQ_Sensors_MXx12_StradaSpieIcone_100_eng.pdf

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