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Configuring Canbus functions within Mini cooper MiniLink


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Recently I have gotten my G4x running on my Mini Cooper (r53) and I am working through all the functions I am provided by moving to this platform. Unfortunately I have some things that I cant seem to understand how to program.

Im sure what I am requesting help with is super easy, although as a first time Standalone ecu user, I am a little overwhelmed.


I cannot find working can bus Ids for the

  1. traction control switch
  2. Traction control indicator light
  3. cruise control buttons
  4. cruise control indicator

I also cant figure out how to transmit the instantaneous fuel consumption over the canbus to the instrument control module so it can accurately display my range and MPG


I know I am asking for a lot, however I am at a loss for information and would like a little insight. I assume the messages are the same as a BMW E46, but I have not verified this


any help appreciated.

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Below is all we have available as GP IO in the mini CAN stream.  Im not sure if "DSC switch" on CAN DI5 is the traction switch or not.  

Cruise control is an odd PWM protocol that we dont know much about, our test car didnt have cruise. 

As far as I know fuel consumption is already transmitted as per the factory ecu.   


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