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Can I pull wheel speed from ABS


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The new transmission I have put in my car don’t have the transmission speed sensor. So now the ecu cant read speed nor can my dash 

is there anyway I can get speed signal from the abs? Or other solutions? 

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45 minutes ago, Adamw said:

It's like extracting blood from a stone sometimes...

What version/year/model WRX? Does it have traction control and DSC?  And is it a plug-in ecu or wire-in?

It’s a 2003 WRX , with a plug and plug link G4x , no traction control 

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I think splicing into a wheel speed sensor will likely work in this car, It will depend on how sophisticated their fault checking is and whether the -ve is isolated from ground or not (the diagnostics manual suggests it is not isolated).  

The easiest access is probably in the main ABS unit connector.  Pin 9 is the FL wheel speed signal, try splicing into this and connect it to a spare DI on the ECU.  In the ecu software, set FL wheel speed to the DI you connected it to, make sure the pull-up is off, set the calibration to say 1000 as a starting point and go for a drive to see if you get a speed reported in the ecu and no ABS lights on the dash.  

If that works then report back and I will give further info on how to get the speed signal to the dash.  



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