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Variable launch control


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Hi all,


I am currently wiring in my G4X storm ECU into my lotus(ish) kit car and looking to wire in variable launch control.

I am planning to use a MSEL rotary switch like this (https://msel.co.nz/msel-2-10-position-rotary-switch-with-straight-boot/).

I already have a clutch switch (as a low switched input) installed as this was how I armed launch on the previous ECU ( megasquirt)

Do i need a separate arm switch on the dash or can i use the position 0 or 1 on the rotary switch to have it not armed?

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Hey you can set up different launch rpms with a rotary switch. Pretty easy set up. You can set up some virtual outputs as a general purpose rev limiter. You can set the arming conditions as rotary switch positions along with your clutch switch or anything else.. Many ways to configure it but all pretty simple.

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