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Idle Up when in Gear


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Hey folks - I'm working around some deficiencies of a trans controller ( dual clutch trans ) and im wondering if someone has an idea how I may accomplish this..

My car idles very nicely around 900 rpm ( shoutout to the gent who tuned my car ). Without going to deep into the trans controller.. the car seems to go very low RPM when attempting to move forward. However I noticed when in warm up still - when the idle is higher, this is a non issue.

Is there some way to take gear ( which is sent to link ) and idle up when 

Idle active

Gear = R, 1 , 2 ?


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I should clarify that I send gear over can. I don't have a neutral or park switch in this case.


So Basically I'd like to have a function that says

if Gear == [ R, 1, 2 ] && idle == active


Where x could be a percentage or a static number

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