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struggled engine starting...(4g15 mivec)


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I had swapped 4g15 mivec turbo engine(colt czt) to mitsubishi mirage cj4a.

I tried to engine control using monsoon G4X, but I’m strugglingengine starting.

There are no conbustion in cranking, and the moment starter switch was released, a burst of sound had be heard from exhaust manifold.

once engine coincidentally started ,I have no trouble (ex.idleing).

Cranking time when the engine started normally was always momentary(about less than 1s).

I was trying change firing order 1-3-4-2 to 1-2-4-3, the engine started easily, but Engine revs did not increase(looks like 2cylinder).

How can I make it better?

start sucessful.llgxfiringorder1-2-4-3.llgx4G15 Mivec G4X Monsoon Traditionall.pclxriggerScopeLog.llgx

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Your symptoms sound like it is not syncing on the correct engine phase sometimes, causing it to spark on the exhaust stroke rather than compression.  However your trigger scope looks ok and when I test on the bench with a simulated trigger pattern that matches yours, I get correct sync for every start.  Below are the first 8 start up tests I done, you can see ign events are always in the same location relative to camshaft.  Can you try doing a few more trigger scope captures when cranking, perhaps your cam sensor doesnt work sometimes?










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Thanks very much.

I tried doing trigger scope captures again(about 10 times), no problems occured.
when I changed trigger offset  from 0 to -359.0 deg, the engine started easiliy (this sometimes happened the engine didn't start at first cranking, but started at recranking).

There are another question.
I tried to use VVT control, however Cam angle calibrate mode didn't work well.
Cam signal error occured at Inlet Vank 1.
Value of Cam Angle #1~3 was much over 720 (ex.3000 deg).
I'm setting Cam Control mode at User Defined and Cam Sensor Input at Trig 2.

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