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Evo 9 DBW ACD Error - No TPS Signal


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The ACD is lit up with all three lights because there is no TPS Main signal from the OEM TPS sensor wire with the DBW conversion.

Our plan to correct this issue is to remove the TPS Main analog volt6 wire on the Link XS expansion loom and splice it into the TPS Main volt3 (pin 78) on the Link 4+ Plug-in ECU, and then change the setting in the ECU for the TPS Main from volt6 to volt3.  Is there anything else we need to consider?

I've read a number of posts on this issue and I don't know if it's the lack of caffeine or what but, I'm not clear on whether there is a recommended approach by Link to correct this issue.  @Adamw can you please educate me on this?


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