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RB30 factory cam sync with 12 tooth crank


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I have a customer running the plug in RB30 VL ECU

The distributor for cam sync and a 12 tooth crank trigger

Has someone got a trigger calibration that would allow the widest tooth cam to work with the 12 tooth crank?

would ultimately use a cam trigger or single hole disc but wants to dyno this week



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The factory cam sensor setup has 360 evenly spaced teeth on one output and 6 evenly spaced slots of varying widths on the other the other output (from memory the distributers have 5 slots of like 4 deg and one of like 9deg). To use it as a cam sync with a multi tooth crank wheel you would need to find a way to block 5 of the 6 slots on the factory Trigger 2 output.

The only possible way of identifying which of the 6 teeth is which is by figuring out which one is the longest which isn't something you could do reliably with a 12 tooth crank sensor.

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In the "old days" we used to cover the disc with aluminium tape and cut through the slot(s) we wanted to keep, sounds crude but my old FJ20 has been like that since ~1994 and is still working.  Couldn't buy aftermarket discs back then.  

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