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Switch between e-throttle tables based upon incremental CAN button press


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For our endurance road racing car, we need to stretch out fuel economy for particular stints, we feel the best way to do this without leaning out the engine is to simply limit the throttle and force the driver to drive with less power.
I want to switch between 3 e-Throttle tables to pull back the throttle levels, ie: in mega fuel save mode, 100% Pedal may be 70% Max TPS for example.
Im using a CAN KeyPad with an Incremental Button +/- so the driver can hit it, see the color change, and it sets is an CAN Analog value or 0,1 or 2.
The options to control the target E-Throttle Table in the activation looks at CAN DI's or CAN Aux's or a Math Block's. (looks like ON/OFF)
How can I take the Can Analog Value of 0,1,2 and use it to Toggle a DI On/Off
No Press, Analog = 0 - DI 1 Off, DI 2 Off
Press Once, Analog = 1 - DI 1 ON, DI 2 Off
Press Again, Analog = 3 - DI 1 Off, DI 2 ON
Or am I just doing something wrong here, where I can make a 3D Throttle Table or use an Overlay Table instead ?
Im still new to Link.. 
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currently the only way to do this is to convert a CAN Analog into virtual Aux's or similar using GP Outputs or Math blocks. (i.e. output on if CAN Analog value == 1) There is a task in the list to be able to use the CAN Analog directly for all of the 3 table functions but this has not been done yet.

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Yes in your picture the Virtual Aux status will be inactive when the CAN An is not 1 (i.e. when it is 0 or 2 etc). This could be used to activate table 2 and then make another one with the value = 2 for table 3 activation.

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