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7mge compatibility


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I don't know a whole lot about the older 7m motors, do you have an ECU pinout for it and are there any particular electronic components on the engine or car that you're concerned about interfacing with?

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Given the Link works well on other Toyota engines of this era, I don't see any reason it won't work on the 7M as well.  Your trigger is going to be the same 24 tooth cam mounter trigger wheel for crank position and a single tooth cam sync (inside distributor or CAS). 

Connector wise I think most 7MGE in the late 80s are going to be similar to the 4AGZE and Gen1 3SGTE engines (from the 88-89 alltrac) - which is also the same connector as the VR4 mitsubishi (Yellow 52 pin ecu header with 3 plug cavities).  The 7M is goin to have semi-sequential injection (only 3 injector outputs), a single ignition output (with distributor), and a stepper motor for idle control, so in theory you could possibly repin your harness to be pnp with the VR4 Link G4x Xtreme Plug-in. 

Alternatively an adapter harness could be made to go from any of the link wire-in options that support stepper motor idle control with Aux outputs 5, 6, 7, and 8 (Storm wire-in, Xtreme wire-in, Fury wire-in, G5 Voodoo wire-in), but at a higher cost, or any of the other available Xtreme Plug-in ecus with the approriate I/O exposed.

87 7MGE ECU Pinout:




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