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E36 Plug and Play G4X issue

Admiral Akhtar

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Hoping someone can possibly help with a strange issue.
I'm helping a friend with his Plug and Play ECU on his E36, and have made some wiring adjustments to suit the Turbocharger.
Namely adding a Boost Controller, Electric fan and feeding the Wideband Analogue signal in via the expansion loom.

The issue we are experiencing is with Aux Out 4 on Pin 46 of the BMW Engine harness 
By Default it is configured to run the Fuel Consumption gauge on the cluster, but I have rewired it to drive the earth side of the fan relay trigger
I have reassigned the Aux Out to the engine fan, cleared the GP PWM table that was previously setup to run the gauge, and configured the engine fan to kick on at a set temperature 

All of this works fine when the Ignition is on, and when the engine is running, but as soon as you remove the key and the car is switched off, the fan turns on as if the pin is pulled to ground.
I thought it may be a wiring issue at first, so I tested with just this wire disconnected and the fan stays off, then I Pinned it directly to the pin on the ECU in case there was a branch off in the loom to somewhere else that may be grounding it, but still no joy 

Can someone please advise how we can rectify this? or is it an issue in the firmware for the plug and play ECU itself? 

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In this particular case you are actually partially powering up the ECU with the 12V through the relay into the Aux 4. If you need to have a constant feed on the other side of the relay trigger then use a spare ignition or injection pin rather than a standard Aux pins as standard Aux pins backfeed.

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