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Hey everyone, so I'm trying to use this sensor for oil pressure/temp it's a 2 in one and trying to use my expansion slots on my ecu im trying to figure out the right way to wire this up for this sensor, like where should I plug the loom and which pins do the wires go to, thanks in advance


Screenshot_20240214_224110_Samsung Internet.jpg

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Use an An Volt for the pressure signal (pin 2), Use an An Temp for the Temperature signal (Pin 5), Signal ground to pin 4, +5V to pin 3.

Neither of your expansion looms has a temp pin and only the 2nd one has An Volts. You could use one of the An Volts on the 2nd expansion plug plus a pullup resistor wired to 5V as a temp input. You will need to find a 5V in the engine loom from somewhere like the TPS. Your pictures show the earlier S2000 bottom board, the later design (bottom board V1.6 onwards) has all the required pins on expansion 2.

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