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Accidentally deleted mixture map. please help


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After test driving the car and updating my mixture map to see how the car was operating, i noticed one of the cells was way off of the lamba target. i realized that it a logging data from when i was engine braking which caused the reading to be inaccurate. after filtering some options i went to drive the car again but noticed it just keeps adding samples onto the already existing mixture map, so i tried to delete the cell and do another run hoping it would create a new cell with the new data, but when i hit delete, it deleted the entire mixture map and now i dont know how to create a new one. hopefully i explained this well enough for you guys to understand what im talking about. if you know of a way to create a new mixture map please let me know. and also if i wanted to restart and have a mixture map only using my last run instead of adding up everytime i do a test run.

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