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Why do you not upgrade G4+ anymore


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I called car mods Australia today to enquire about purchasing the below.
I was then told that they don't do this anymore as they have been directed by Link that they don't do this anymore, basically because Link want people to buy the Link G4X.
I asked the employee, I understand that BUT!!!
  • Link sells this E-throttle - ECU Tuning Tools - Link Engine Management (linkecu.com) which does exactly the same thing but externally. So I am finding it really difficult to understand why I couldn't purchase the Link ECU upgrade. 
  • Why do you not offer the below anymore?.                                                                                                                                                                          I prefer the cleaner look of not having an external add on and purchasing a new ECU is not on the cards for me. 
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I think you have probably got some bad advice.  As far as I know we will still happily do the modification on old ecu's.  However, the "DBW upgrade" that you link to is an option for a new ecu, it needs to be ordered at the same time as the ecu so it gets done before the ecu is assembled and shipped.  To do it in retrospect on an old ecu you would just arrange it directly through the service dept. 

Having said that, I suspect you may not even need this modification - The V7-9 plug-in ecu has had e-throttle outputs already available on the expansion connectors since about 2017, so unless your G4+ is a early one then it should already have everything you need for e-throttle and wouldnt need modification.  

Check your PCB version where shown in the pic below, any version from V1.5 and newer will already have E-throttle and doesnt need modification.  

If you have a V1.4 or older then a better option would probably be a "bottom board swap" to the latest revision as that would give you the extra inputs and already takes care of Aux 4 output which cant be used moved with e-throttle enabled, contact [email protected] to arrange this if required.


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On 2/24/2024 at 6:57 PM, Barnesy said:

Thank you for the in depth answer and on the weekend.

I bought mine in 2019 so hopefully it will be good.


Thats great news then!!! Mines a V1.8

Thanks a lot for the help


LINK G4+ V1.8.jpg

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