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escort cosworth trigger signal missing


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My car was driving happily for the past couple of years with Storm4+. Suddenly the car wouldn't start and I checked the fuel and spark plugs and they were fine. Finally I noticed that there were no RPM when cranking. I metered the loom from sensor end to plug A for Trigger 1&2, they were fine. Phase sensor is within specification, but Trigger 1 (crank sensor) is opened. Hardware wise, crank sensor was toasted.

My question here is that, if trigger 2 phase sensor is good why it isn't picking up signal? I want to make it clear before ordering new crank sensor. Trigger Scope Log 2024-02-5 6;18;02 pm.llg Are there something else wrong that making the ecu not picking up the phase sensor signal?

Log 2023-12-17 5;11;14 pm.llg(This is the log that drive normally without problem)



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Sorry for the slow reply, I've been away for a week.  The scope looks ok.  A PC log would be helpful to confirm all other data looks ok.  I dont know this engine well, but possibly if you have had the cam sensor/distributor out it may now be fitted in a different position which could change the trigger offset by +/-180 or +/-360?

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Dear Adam,

Thanks for your reply. I have attached a log file. The map is in the first thread.

I started log recording before cranking the engine. with F12, I saw the fuel pump was ON, Trig1&2 were YES.

I also went back to the ignition test and injector test, they were on clicking in respect to the order that I tested.

Have a nice weekend.

Log 2024-03-8 6;18;35 pm_problemafternewCPS.llg

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It appears that all the fundamentals are working in your log and there appears to be fuel and ignition being commanded.  So my first thought would be the timing is off by 180 or 360 if you had the phase sensor out when you were diagnosing the sensor issue.  I dont know this engine well, but google says the keyway in the dizzy shaft should point towards the notch in the housing when the engine is at TDC#1 on compression stroke.  Have you confirmed that?  


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At the end, found out the fuel pump is half dead. It runs but not giving enough flow up to the fuel rail. 

Changed to a new one and works again.

What a bad day for having crank sensor and fuel pump dead at the same time.

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