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Turbo speed sensor with plugin extreme ECU


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Trying to wire up a turbo speed sensor to my MR2v1 ecu. The sensor is this one:


which I ordered from AGP: https://agpturbo.com/borg-warner-efr-and-sxe-speed-sensor-kit/

It's installed in my borgwarner s252sxe compressor housing. I've tried spinning the turbo with compressor air but can't get the DI to register any signal. It's connected to DI6 in the expansion harness.

Every time I tap the signal wire to the plug, it triggers one "pulse" and I see that in the link. If I repeatedly tap the signal wire then it seems to register it as RPM. But when I try to just spin the turbo, I see nothing.

Some photos of the install:





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How have you wired it? Have you got the DI6 pullup turned on or off? Have you been watching the DI6 frequency runtime or the Turbo Speed runtime as the DI6 frequency runtime might be easier to see movement on.

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I have no experience with that particular one, but with the threaded ones from the same manufacturer, the turbo needs to do a minimum of about 5K RPM before the speed sensor will start working.  Usually they dont even work at idle until you give the throttle a decent blip.

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