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TPS erratic


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Hey all, i've got a bit of an issue with my TPS.. When you gently move the accelerator from closed to open, you can see the TPS bounces up and down during the travel.

So you'll see jump up, back down, up, but does get to 100, just not linear. Ie. 0%, 5%, 10%, 2%, 15%, 5%, 40%, 20%, etc etc all the way up to 100%. It does the same on the way back to closed.

This is with ignition on and engine not running.

I've calibrated the tps and closed sits around 0% but does seem to get some noise. 100% seems consistent. 

I've captured some of this in a log file if that helps.

It's a Honda 3 wire TPS on a Link monsoon g4x. TPS is brand new. 

Any ideas?

First time trying logging on the link so let me know if more info is needed.


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AN Volt 3 voltage shows the same problem so you either have an unstable supply or the sensor is faulty.  It looks more like a faulty sensor to me since the voltage is stable when the throttle is closed.  

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So using a multimeter I checked the 5v and ground and this remains perfectly steady at just under 5v. 


I then checked the sensor wire and ground and even with the multimeter I could see the fact it's not smooth as you open the TPS. 

Pretty confident this indicates it's the TPS sensor itself yeah?


Bugger as it was $150 I purposely got a more expensive brand rather then the cheap eBay stuff I see. But probably all the same. 

Might try the wreckers and see if I can find an OEM one. 


Thanks all 

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