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Achingly close….


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I’ve got it cranking, I’ve got sparks and fuel and it’s coughing and spluttering. 

Timing at 10deg. Engine is cold (no cooling system installed yet) 

On a carb I’d give it a couple if throttle stabs and coax it… whats the same process for an ecu?

So so close! I just need to hear it run! 

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Thanks Adam, it’s a Suzuki swift gti g13b DOHC in a Suzuki samurai. 

I’ve wired the injectors to seperate circuits instead of a single group. I think this means I may have an impedance problem. I’ve checked and the injectors are 2.2ohm. This seems too low? I’ve ordered some ballast resistors to get it back towards 8ohm as I think they would have seen in the original install. 

Map is broadly as attached. It’s moved on a bit. Temp sensor now mapped in and thresholds on the reluctor.

Under crank they all go green though. I’m not getting much fuel smell tho which has be curious 


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