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G4 thunder to Aim pdm32

Mathew lloyd

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Currently wiring a G4 thunder with AIM pdm32 and AIM key pad. Currently have the basics setup from Link ecu to aim pdm. But I need to add extra outputs to the pdm for control. 

Electric fan, Fuel pump, two stage no2, No2 Purge, No2 bottle heater, Attessa pump on/off, Attessa Solenoid, additional 6 AN voltage inputs for Egt temps. Shifter position. 

Happy to set it up my end if they’re a bit of a write up to follow to doing it. Just looking to pin map on the bench before committing to the sealed harness. 

regards Mathew 

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Im happy to help set up the CAN side once you have the IO planned out and a list of what needs to be done.  Note G4+ cant send PWM signals via CAN so anything that requires PWM you will either need to use a hardwired output from ecu to PDM or just send the required control signals to the PDM and do all the control logic in the PDM.  

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Great News Thanks Adam. So, I've attached My Configs from the Pdm and G4 Thunder. I Used one of your previous examples on the forums for the thunder and aim pdm32. I put the additional channels in a word document. Appreciate the help mate.



TRAVIS R32 WIRING.docx Travis R32 Radial Car.pclr PDM32 Travis R32 Radial Car 1.zconfig

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