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Ignition Dwell settings question


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 I’ve got an RB26 that I’ve just got R35 coils for. I’ve got the dwell figures from PRP to use. My question is:

Dwell times are longer for the new coils so if I change my dwell from 2 to 3.2 (at 14v) does this mean that the Ecu (G4X) will just start charging the coil earlier and it fire at the same time or does it start charging the coil at the same time and fire 1.2ms later? 
 I’m thinking that the firing time will be the same hopefully but I’d like to get this cleared up. I’m hoping that I don’t have to put it on the dyno for another expensive mapping session! 



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If the coils were fired later, that would change the ignition timing, so I would not think it would happen later, but just charge sooner to have the same end point (firing point). 

Of course confirming your timing doesn't change with a timing light should always be a part of this operation.  You can set your idle timing or fixed timing value in the trigger calibration window to whatever you want so you can also check (if you have an advance timing light) whatever value of advance you want (like the same values you run on boost for example) to see that the timing there also sync's.  You can also rev the car up to whatever RPM you want to see that the timing still stays the same at higher RPM (ignition delay setting).  

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 Thanks for the reply. Yes that’s what I thought. I just yet wanted to get a more educated opinion. 
I will definitely set aside some time to check the timing. Il do it with both old and new coils to confirm. 
Thank you. 

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