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Lem V4 Nissan Cas starting problems

Dan Bourg

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HI there, Im running a Nissan ka24 engine with V4 ecu. I find it starts well on the sync setting 3 but runs like crap/ cutting out etc. If I change the sync to 7 once started  it runs fine but will not re- start ! Is this a problem with the tuning? , The tuner said it was a problem with the signal but it seems like it is not tuned correctly for start-up. Previously the ecu ran a ca18det engine which started and ran great when the sync was set at 7. It appears the CAS setup is virtually the same on both engines too. Just very annoying having to reset the sync everytime I drive the car :) Thanks for your help.

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The sync switch set the ECU up for the widest slot on the Nissan trigger disk.

Too low a number and the ECU will get more than one sync pulse for each revolution.

Too high and it will get no sync and will not start.

This is why I suggest going for the highest setting that can get engine to start.

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