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Injector Dead Time Table

Levon Luther

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Hi Link Gurus -

Do you think on a future build of the PCLink you guys could allow us to modify the axis of the Injector dead time table?

Most companies dont give 6-15 in 1V increments, and it would be easy if we could just add what we have and let the computer do the calculations between them



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Ah. Thank you much. I didn't know that would unlock it. It did lead to another question . .. the default X axis if you will was TPS.. Could you really input this whole table and have the ECU look up to the table the entire time, getting dynamic results?

I know that the table is given for static fuel pressure. However, in the boosted application, if your base pressure is at 43.5Psi and you boost 30psi, it would need the table from 43.5 - 73.5psi. The problem I see here is if you're in vacuum, you'd be below the 43.5. Simple fix though - just make the cells the same as 43.5, or plot them out to see where it is expected to be.

Does any of this make sense Simon?

Thanks again.

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In most setups the pressure across the injector will be constant so will not require different dead times otherthan voltage correction.

If however you have a regulator that increases the differential pressure as the boost increases then you will need this.

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