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Stalling issue


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Hiya i recently got my barra running and we are just playing with the tune to get it to run nice enough to get it to the tuners. For some reason if you tap the throttle it stalls on decell. I have zero idea why. Any help would be greatly appreciated as im VERY new to this!

8-3d.llg toon.pclr

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Your engine needs 2% throttle to idle at the target RPM, but you have 0% in the E-throttle target and 0% in the idle base position table.  In G4+ the bulk of the idle air should come from the E-throttle target table so set the whole top row to 2% as a start.  Your Power steering switch on DI10 is active all the time so fix that or disable it so it doesnt mess up your idle tune. 


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