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1uz link atom x not starting no spark on crank


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You've got several issues by the looks. 

  1. A trigger issue, the RPM drops to zero about once per rev when cranking.  Attach a trigger scope and a copy of your tune. 
  2. TPS is bouncing all over the place but AN Volt 1 voltage is sitting steady at 4.95V.  Suspect this is not working and has been calibrated like that.   
  3. ECT is not working/open circuit.
  4. Fuel pressure is zero.


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attached some more logs , checked wiring and all looks good continuity all good c

checked the crank sensor and appears to have ok resistance

fixed tps i think

no fuel at the moment as working on spark and no water either as no rad, hoping these dont affect spark

Trigger Scope - 2024-03-9 11;50;00 am.llgx TriggerScopeLog.llg5 PC Datalog - 2024-03-9 11;52;38 am.llgx

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17 hours ago, Adamw said:

Attach a trigger scope and a copy of your tune

Need a copy of your tune.  And your scopes look like you clicked capture when the engine wasn't cranking.  You need to click capture when the engine is cranking. 

Fuel pressure and ECT are still both not working.

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Something is wrong with your cam wheel or cam sensor wiring.  You are getting 1 pulse every 12crank teeth instead of one every 24T.  And their shape is distorted also, one goes negative first, the other goes positive?  Like it has a big long half moon tooth or something?  Or do you have both cam sensors connected somehow maybe?  


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Is the other sensor removed/unplugged?  From memory the grounds are shared in the stock wiring so if you are using any of the original wiring you may have ended up with the two sensors wired in series.  Otherwise the only way two pulses could be generated is with two teeth or one long tooth on the cam wheel.  

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yay it started but only ran for a few minutes

I unplugged the right hand cam sensor and ran new wires from the crank and cam sensors to the ecu i also had them in the wrong ground pins to the ecu i think, i had them in the trigger ground which i think is for the shielding? so put them to the sensor ground next to the power ground

Attached another log maybe you could see why it only ran for a minute



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Based on your earlier basemap I would remove the filtering from trigger 1&2 and set your trigger 2 arming threshold value to 0.3V.

Note in that trigger scope the trigger setup is happy and synced, are you seeing spark being triggered now?

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