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cutting throttle completly with Keyboard Short key


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Hi quick question....is there a way i can stop or cut throttle completely while connected to the link ECU and doing live tuning and someone drive the car and i Cut or stop throttle as a extra safety precaution measure in case i didn't set up the safety's, while i look at the laptop and if i see something i don't like i can cut the throttle completely instead of me screaming to the driver to back off throttle ? a hit of a spacebar key would be super quick then me telling the driver to back off throttle while road tuning.


i would like to assign the space bar key on the laptop to kill throttle for 2 seconds

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There is currently no "virtual digital input", its been on the wish list for a while.  Last time we discussed it there were thought to be significant difficulties in implementing it - one of them I remember was there are very few shortcut keys left so PC Link would need a significant rework to have assignable shortcuts.  Your Space bar suggestion is already hard coded as "jump to active cell" for example.  We talked about other options like onscreen buttons etc but I think the consensus was it really needed a future version of PC Link.

The closest you could do at present is set up a DI, have its settings panel pinned/locked on every page and change the active state setting when you need to activate it, but I can appreciate that would not always be easy in a panic situation.

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