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Mitsubishi optical dizzy

james mills

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Hi,i have a mitsubushi starion running a 4g63t 12valve DASH motor with a link g1 v4.

it is running the factory throttle body inj and optical dizzy with the 4 slots and heaps of little lines running around the outside of the disc.

i am converting it to multi point inj and want to run wasted spark using factory e39a igniter and coils

can i use this dizzy setup minus the rotor and cap?

or can i use a l300 optical dizzy as it has the extra slot for tdc i assume(both dizzys have 4 wires the same color)

Also will it require me to send the link ecu to you to be have the trigger changed?


hope that made sense

Thanks heaps


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Hi James,

Can you take a photo of your ECU trigger sub-board and also of your existing distributor trigger setup, showing the trigger disc.

We will then be able to advise you better on what your best option is.



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