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Hi we’re trying to get a haltech wb1 can lambda working with a link g4 plug in, we are awear that the can high and can low on the haltech are a different pinout thank link. We have swapped this so all wiring is correct and double checked. We have had an aem wideband working over can with the link but we can’t seem to get the haltech to work work please see attached photos for can setup and errors we are getting. We do also have a 120ohm terminating resistor after the haltech can lambda. The only issue I have is when the can lambda is off and there is no terminating resistor and it’s not plugged into the ecu the resistance on the can high and low of the can lambda is 70 ohms and when plugging in the other 120ohm resistor after than can lambda see pic below the resistance of the haltech can line is still 70 ohms ( this is without the can lambda plugged into the ecu and only the haltech unit and terminator resistor hope this kinda makes sense 



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