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What if any of Links Ecus could be used as a replacement for tuning my m47 out of my e46 320D


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Hey anyone reading this, im wanting to tune the M47 engine out of my E46 320D. Now this has just solenoid injectors in it and a high pressure pump, is there a possibility of using say one of the G4 Ecus as a replacement for the oem one? Any help would greatly be appreciated

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G5 Voodoo Pro is the only ECU in the range at the moment that supports direct injectors, pair this with an appropriate driver box to get the high voltages and peak and hold control (The Link DI Driver box is currently under testing).

In terms of controlling a diesel engine it can be done with the current software but it isn't setup in the ideal way for a diesel as of yet. You would only have one table for injection timing control, the fuel equation is based around adding enough fuel to keep up with the air rather than keeping the mixture within lean afr targets and there is currently no setup for multiple partial injections like some modern diesels use.

We do have plans to support diesel properly in the future but haven't started writing the software for that yet. Personally I've only gotten as far as making a Toyota 1KZ run (mechanical injectors with electrically controlled pump).

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