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Link Xtreme (Gen 3 LS Engine DBW) - Spark when doing Ignition test but, no spark during crank.


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I have a Link Xtreme ECU and a Gen 3 LS engine. LM7 to be exact. I have a wiring specialties harness they made custom for me that started as a base LS3 harness that they modified to work on a Gen 3 LS engine. I have spark when doing an ignition test. I have physically pulled a plug and saw spark when doing the test. But then when I crank the engine, that same spark plug will not spark. I calibrated TPS and MAP. I am unsure why I am getting no spark during crank. I am getting no trigger errors. 150-200rpm when cranking. I tried all the different LS1 and LS2/LS7 trigger setups. None have made a difference. 

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So I found the issue. There was a digital switch for ignition that was on like GL or GI or G1 or something. I set it to always ON and the engine fired right up. I did just attach the latest log with these setting changes as well as a log of the car running. There is probably a few things I am missing but, would you be able to just look it over and see if anything is alarming? I do think its super rich. Revs like junk right now has a little vacuum leak on the manifold and also im not sure if the injector data is correct. I have stock LS3 injectors so if you are able to add that data in that would be super helpful!

first start 8 cylinders.llgx E46 Base Tune.pclx

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