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J1939 Racepak IQ3


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Hey I am trying to send CAN data to a racepak IQ3 display dash using J1939 standard as i have a 230-VM-EFICAN adapter.

I want to send

Engine speed, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, TPS, Vehicle Speed, Intake temp, ignition timing and injector duty if possible.

I have tried contacting Holley and others about the IQ3 information but they are less than helpful.

I know J1939 is a bit of a pain but it already has this interface so worth having a go with i thought.

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So is the adapter not a VM-EFIUCAN?  Google doesnt give me any hits for 230-VM-EFICAN without the "U".

The problem with J1939 is the "CAN ID" is made up of several different chunks of info.  Some of these "chunks" are standardised, and/or can be guessed - for example we could guess that the racepak is expecting Engine RPM from Engine #1, not Engine #2... but then the rest of the ID is made up of things like message priority and what type of device is sending the data, so generally some of these variables that the device is expecting are specified in the documentation for the device.  

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Yes it is written correctly, it's a older discontinued item, all I can find is it works with j1939 standard and 250 k/bits speed.

Even if I just get engine speed, Temps And pressure working would be something.

There's no setup in the dash until it see's something correct on the CAN bus

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