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ECT Display to Stock JZS160 Cluster


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Hello all,

I've got my G4X Storm set up with a boomslang style kit on my GS300 with a bone stock 2JZ GE. Every single sensor and component aside from the AEM Wideband o2 is factory Toyota/Lexus and in its OEM configuration. Currently, I've got a known accurate ECT (Engine Coolant Temp) reading at the Link ECU (it's used to control RPM limit and such) however, the OEM ECT gauge on my dash is inactive. 

While the easy solution would be to wire in a pod that displays this temperature externally, I would really like to wire this temperature reading to my OEM dash. Is this something that is possible/a known issue? Are there complications when trying to communicate on the factory MPX protocol? It should be noted that every other component on the dash is working and accurate (rpm, speed, fuel, etc.) Am I missing something simple?


ECT scale, taken from the electrical service hints PDF (I assume this is the resistance at the ECT needle/cluster):


1–2 : Approx. 15.0 kΩ (–20°C, –4°F)

Approx. 2.45 kΩ (20°C, 68°F)

Approx. 0.32 kΩ (80°C, 176°F)

Approx. 0.14 kΩ (110°C, 230°F)


Any help, input, or guidance is greatly appreciated.

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If it is MPX/BEAN then it wont be possible to generate that directly with the ecu, it requires dedicated hardware transceivers, only our Altezza ecu has that hardware fitted.

If it is the older "THWO" PWM type signal like the JZX100 then you can generate that with an aux output.  


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