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G4X Fury OBD no data and disconnects

Ken H

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I'm trying to setup the CAN2 output to an OBD2 port to allow the customer to see OBD2 data like RPM and ECT. I have wired DI9 and DI10 to the OBD2 port as per the diagrams in the help files. I have also setup the CAN outputs as per the help files.

Tried using ScanXL OBD2 scantool to connect to the ECU. It connects but no data is received. After about 5 seconds, it disconnects. Thereafter, it will not reconnect unless I unplug/plug the OBD socket from my laptop.

Any idea what's wrong?





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Your tune shows OBD being off on both CAN buses, you need to go into the CAN Setup window, "Select ISO 15765 on CAN 2", select CAN 2 in the CAN module box, set the bit rate, click Ok, then press F4 to store the change to the ECU.

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Done. I've setup as shown in the attached screenshot. Tried 1M, 500k, 250k. All has same results -- connects with no data received followed by disconnect.


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Try again but leave the Mode set to Off instead of User Defined.

And don't forget to click apply or Ok between each attempt, might even be worth storing and power cycling between each attempt.

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