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Decaying trigger scope. V5-6 Subaru.


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Nearly ready for a first start and checking over things, my trigger pattern is inconsitent. G4x plugin set to V5-6 pattern.

The pattern is what I was expecting to see, 2,1 on the crank and 3,1,2,1 on the cam, but the peaks are all over the place.

The noise on the trigger 2 between spikes is also concerning. What could be the cause?


Secondly, should i be seeing these turn green when cranking? I get no errors.




Trigger Scope - uneven.llgx

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The amplitude variation on the scope will likely just be the crank slowing down as each piston comes up to TDC.  It looks quite usable for start up and will likely even up when running. 

The colours of arming thresholds dont change as there is no specific value that is right or wrong.  

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