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Evo 6 wiring in a clutch switch


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Hi everyone, im after a spot of help.

Mitsubishi Evo 6 running Link G4X plug in ecu, as standard the Evo 6 does not have a clutch position switch which is stopping me from making use of the flat foot shifting function.  The clutch does have a stopper bolt which is the same length and bolt/thread size as the brake pedal switch.  If I purchase the brake pedal switch and the other half of the connector with some wire/cable am i then able to wire it in to the ecu and which pins do i use (or is one just earth to the chassis).  on PC link it shows the clutch switch as inactive on DI 10.

cheers Webby

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Ground one side of the switch and connect the other side to any spare DI.  DI10 on pin 46 might be convenient.  In the clutch switch settings, turn on the pull-up resistor, and set the active state to whichever setting gives you the correct active/inactive status.  I guess it will be active low if they are a normally open switch.   

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