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PDM status decoder

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Thought I would share here if anyone else would find this valuable.

I have installed a few Razor pdm's and am being sent back logs to review and assess, and was struggling to quickly know what outputs are active or in fault. The ECU logs the statuses of each PDM as a decimal value, derived from a binary value where each digit is a status output. So I created a Google sheet that you can take the decimal value from a log and quickly see which output is in an active state.

If someone knows an easier way to do this, I'm all ears. Also hoping a version of this gets built into the G5 software in a future update.

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The fault and active status words were deliberately done as individual bits within a larger 'word' so there weren't an extra 22 runtimes for each PDM, if you want to keep an eye on particular pin statuses you can create a custom CAN setup to pick out each bit and feed it into a CAN DI.

In terms of picking out which pins are active when more than one value a good trick would be to use your windows calculator in programmer mode and just enter the value in the decimal section and look at the binary section. Example below shows ADIO 7 (0100 0010 0100), ADIO 2 (0100 0010 0100) and High Power 3 (0100 0010 0100).


You can of course also just find the largest value from the table that fits, that pin is active, subtract that value from the total and then repeat

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If I hadn't already reached the CAN stream limit, I could consider adding another stream to log that way yes. Calculator was how I was doing it, but having the channel labeled like on the sheet was helpful with multiple PDM's. 

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