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Link Fury X CAN Gauge Issue


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I've had any issue since install where my link CAN Guage will only update when the brake pedal is pressed. All other times it shows either -50/0 except when I've pressed the pedal, then it will show last known value. When the pedal is held, it updates in real time. 

I installed the Link Fury X and Link branded GuageArt CAN Guage at the same time, I've checked the wiring from the Guage to the ECU and it's all correct as per the instructions. I have the guage hooked up to CAN 2 (Pins 27 & 28) of the B connector.

I've followed the GuageArt instructions for configuring both the ECU settings as well as the phone App configuration. I don't beileve the issue is with the app as the selected paramaters and screen layouts I've chosen display correctly.

I beileve it's either a wiring issue or more likely a configuration issue with my CAN setup, but I'm unsure of what. Any help is appreciated.

The car is a 1997 Toyota Supra I can provide more details about the build if required but the brake pedal and under dash wiring etc is all stock. 

Also, apologies this is my very first post so let me know if I've left anything out or you require any further info.



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It could only be a wiring issue, the brake switch isn't even connected to the ECU so the ecu has no idea you are pressing the pedal.  It sounds more like the CAN bus is being interrupted, but I would start by confirming you have 12V at the back of the gauge with the pedal both up and down.  

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Thanks Adam, I'll check this, this morning.

Wouldn't I have to have 12v to the guage when the pedal is depressed though? As the gauge remains illuminated and displays last known values?

I'll confirm anyway

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Okay, I worked it out. The CAN wires were spliced into the factory CAN circuit. I'm not sure why, my best guess is for OBD functionality or similar.

I've removed the splice and everything works.

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