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A/C evaporation sensor calibration table

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I dont think I have even seen any calibration data for one, it is pretty uncommon to have them connected directly to the ecu, usually it is connected to the AC computer or BCM and transmitted over CAN so we dont need need a calibration.  

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I've never seen any automotive A/C system that uses a sensor for "A/C evaporation" that would require a calibration curve. What kind of car is this on?

Typically, automotive A/C systems will use a thermal switch that is in physical contact with the evaporator core to detect when the evaporator core temp is getting just below the freezing point (0*C or 32*F) - at that point the switch opens to cycle the A/C compressor clutch off temporarily, which prevents condensation from freezing to the evaporator core and blocking airflow thru it. Once the core temp is above freezing again, the switch closes, and the compressor clutch engages again.

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