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Link G4+ Plugin ECU back into Link housing?


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Evening all - Tried to reach out to the Link team via the enquiry button on the website but haven't heard back so I thought I'd ask here instead.

I have a NA MX5 Link G4+ running my V8 Mustang at the moment but want to switch to a injection and ignition setup that will use more pins than what the OEM MX5 connector has available, I can get around this by having an extra connector added but isn't terribly elegant.

In this regard, has anyone approached Link before to see if they're able to re-house a Plugin ECU back into it's parent case so that you could switch to the normal two * 34 pin connectors?

I'm happy to throw money at the problem, just not so much that I could buy another ecu.

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The plug-in ECU is a completely different ECU, it is only designed to fit on plug-in specific adapter boards.  The wire-in ECU's are a larger single board design with the main connectors part of it, more drivers and heat sinking etc. 

The closest you could do would be a "bottom board swap" to change it to a plug-in that has more IO available.  WRX9X and DC5 Honda are a couple that spring to mind that are fairly complete and have 8 injector and ignition drives available.  

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