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  1. Can't tell you if there's a built-in feature specifically for that, at a pinch what about running a relay and a conditional virtual aux that doesn't let the injector circuit energise until there's xxx oil pressure?
  2. Have you checked/set the base timing? Is there any chance you're trying to fire the engine 180 degrees out of phase?
  3. If you batch fire the injectors and run a wasted spark setup it's do-able, could use a couple of Subaru Impreza coilpacks. I'm currently running an injected 302w with a Mazda MX5 Plugin ecu, so anything's possible :-)
  4. Monsterbishi

    Ecu security

    Quick release steering wheel. Job done.
  5. Willdo, won't be able to get back to it this week - will correct the fuel pressure table and grab the log, 64kpa would be about a 9psi margin of error, about 20% of the injector rated pressure.
  6. Here you go, how much influence does the charge temp approximation table have? Base Map 18-3-21 Modelled.pclr
  7. We've got a 2L non-turbo engine that we've just switched from traditional to modelled, 559cc@310kpa injectors. The only problem is that the VE tables at idle are in the low 100's and it quickly max's out at 150 under load. Injector size is set as per the manufacturers (Grams) documentation, engine size, all the fuel density values, etc all appear correct. The only way we've found of getting the VE's down to a believable level is by halving the Injector Flow@Rated Pressure - what other variables are out there that can cause such a significant shift across the entire VE table? Fuel pressure at the regulator is reading correctly on both a analog gauge and it's sender too. Can post/attach more detail after work, thought I'd get in early...
  8. Go into Realdash, into Inputs & Values, and check that your Vehicle Speed data source is set right.
  9. Your cat would be colder from all the unburnt fuel, not hotter if your ignition system wasn't keeping up. The factory ignition system is more than capable, Honda's engineers built it to happily run for 300,000km - it'll run a V8 and still have enough spark left over to start a BBQ... Post up what you've got in the 'Ignition Main' section of your setup here. Have you checked your base timing?
  10. Monsterbishi


    Have you tried adding/subtracting 360 degrees from the trigger offset?
  11. Monsterbishi


    This would be my thought, if it's sparking, the timing is set and has fuel I'd pick it's trying to fire 360 degrees out of phase. I'd hazard it's one of the most common things that folk do...
  12. Just remember that when you're tuning, a tiny screen means things like the tables become harder to read/edit. I just use a old Windows 10 laptop with a 14" screen, nothing special.
  13. Worked a treat, do the g4+'s have any other Easter Eggs like this, ie undocumented features?
  14. As a unrelated question, a while back you mentioned Link enabling the outbound data stream in the other ECU's like the Storm Black but it hasn't happened yet, is it still on the cards?
  15. It's a Storm, so direct wiring it is then :-)
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