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  1. Monsterbishi


    Have you tried adding/subtracting 360 degrees from the trigger offset?
  2. Monsterbishi


    This would be my thought, if it's sparking, the timing is set and has fuel I'd pick it's trying to fire 360 degrees out of phase. I'd hazard it's one of the most common things that folk do...
  3. Just remember that when you're tuning, a tiny screen means things like the tables become harder to read/edit. I just use a old Windows 10 laptop with a 14" screen, nothing special.
  4. Worked a treat, do the g4+'s have any other Easter Eggs like this, ie undocumented features?
  5. As a unrelated question, a while back you mentioned Link enabling the outbound data stream in the other ECU's like the Storm Black but it hasn't happened yet, is it still on the cards?
  6. It's a Storm, so direct wiring it is then :-)
  7. That's for the new G4X, I'm asking about a G4+.
  8. A quick question, can/should I drive the VTEC solenoid on a early 90's Honda directly from the ecu, or should there be a relay in the equation? From what I've seen online they have a fairly low current draw?
  9. Why did they remove the trigger scope image save button, is that just built into the log save section now?
  10. Just for the records, 17 was bang on the money, to the point of idling whilst cold with no IAC or Idle control at all :-)
  11. We're just about to fire up a Honda F20B NA motor for the first time and am looking for advice as to what the Master fuel setting should roughly be, it's running 550CC Grams injectors.
  12. They're parameters I haven't logged so couldn't say, will add them to the list for next time, what should I expect to see on them?
  13. I have a G4+ Plugin ECU w/CAN-Lambda connected via a NZEFI CAN cable that is not connecting all the time, sometimes it'll be fine, others it's not, I have it wired to power up at the same time as the ECU to minimise the chance of a timeout event for device detection, and when it's not connected it still detects it in the PCLink software. Any ideas?
  14. I had this issue yesterday, is there any definitive fix for it?
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