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1996 Toyota Supra 2JZGTE - Cannot Get car to maintain Idle

Supra Yoshi

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I'm not to sure where to begin so I'll just begin with the engine setup.


FID1300cc Injectors, PRP R35 COP Conversion, 264 BC cams degreed properly, Link G4+, Fully Built bottom end 9:1, PRP Igniter Delete. Ive uploaded a short log file in hopes that it may help. 


I've checked continuity through the coil packs as well as tested each coilpack along with resistance. Just kind of lost currently.

I had the car running perfectly fine 3-4 days ago and now it just does not want to hold idle.

Any input on this is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

May 12th - 2024 - Car wont Idle.llg

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Can you attach a copy of the tune.  The lambda target is 0.4 in that log so it is possibly dumping a whole lot more fuel in that necessary if you have open-loop compensation or modelled fuel equation enabled.  

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Yeah I suspect lambda target is your main issue.  Someone has messed up that table.  Set it to 0.95 to see if it then starts and runs better.  I would only drive it gently with that single cell table however.  You will really want the original table or something close to it to keep the tune close to how it was intended. 

The injector deadtime table looks like it has possibly been played with also, as it only has a 0 differential pressure row, but given there is no fuel press sensor that will still work as it is.  


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