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UpdatedFirmware for Nissan 350z using link ecu GX4 N350X

Keith dixon

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Bought a ecu of a dealer a few years back he set it up told to come back when we had all mods completed never downloaded pc link on laptop was wondering what version is it for GX4 N350X latest firmware it for Nissan 350z manual drive at the moment car is running in like a dog revving at idle 2000rpm check engine light on and on occasion does not rev goes into limp mode

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https://linkecu.com/software-support/pc-link-downloads/#SoftwareDownloads this is the latest G4X/G5 PCLink and it has the latest firmware in it. Connecting PCLink to it and checking the fault codes would be your first step in diagnosing, does the car have a wideband O2 sensor fitted?

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