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iac stepper resetting differantly ?

Ross gardiner

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further forward from boost moving my steeper motor, perhaps the gm steeper is resetting in differant places and the computer is reading differnt and causing the idle to rev incorrctly

have tryd open loop and closed loop and always seems to change every time you drive the car once warms up it seems to stick somewhere and rev high then sometimes it returns to normal after a while checked throttle blades they closed disconnected bov vaccum and pluggged thinking perhaps sucking air as running lots of vaccum .

vaccum gauge is maxing out when under decellartaion ?runs 18lbs at idle 30+ under decellartion .will this cause idle to fluctuate ?holding revs up.

Bov spring does 17-18lbs

and is there a way to speed up idle return as it has always takes a while to return to idle if clutch is depressed ?when it working good 

also have a 14 psi spring in wastegate and the car has gone from 14psi to 7 boost ? tryed shimming bov. the springs are new ish in the turbosmart 50 wg .will pull off and check this after noon shouldnt break ?

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The main thing to watch with the stepper is that when it does its reset it does not rattle at the end of its travel.

To stop this you will need to adjust the MAX step figure.

Also make sure your firmware is up to date as there was an issue with 4 terminal stepper control.

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