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PCLink requirements on tablet PC?

Mike Cullingford

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Hello, I'm looking at buying a 7' tablet PC to mount in my car so i can use as a realtime display and make changes on the fly as required. I see that the PCLink software requirements are 1GHz processor. Is this 100% required? Or will a 700Mhz processor work? I will be running windows XP. The reason why i'm asking is because i searched and saw that previous software versions could be run with much less CPU power. Cheers, Mike

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Hi Mike.

Brian is right, you will not get a huge screen size out of that, however it's not to say it won't work.  We certainly do not recommend it, however the slower processor will still allow things to work, it will just be really sluggish.  Personally I think you will just get frustrated with it in the end.  At the risk of seeing you spend lots of money... Go with the recommended.


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