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AIM MXL RS232 connection does not work with G3/G4


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The connection to my AIM MXL Pista dash does not work. The Link software is set to communicate with 19200 baud and requested short.

I’ve connected the Link TX to AIM RX and Link RX to AIM TX - no other cables used.

I’ve made sure to not have PCLink active while switching on the dash. I’ve tried all possible power on sequences, first dash then ECU and vice versa, removed the ECU USB cable etc.

This is very critical as I have a race in 4 weeks and the AIM is the only instrument I have in the car.

Running FM on a G3 Plus upgraded to G4.

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Good morning,

I have had a look at the AIM website and their documentation, but can not see anywhere what the datastream baud rate or datastream mode should be. You will likely need to contact AIM to find this information out, otherwise someone else who has this system working may have some advice.

In the AIM MXL manual http://www.aimsports.com/software/downloads/MXL_108_eng.pdf on page 10 it says:

If you have an ECU communicating through an RS232 protocol, the standard 
connection is:
• cable labelled RS 232 RX with the ECU TX
• cable labelled GND with ECU GND

This seems to indicate that the GND connection also needs to be made.

Kind regards,


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As far as I understand the only addition to the PCLink to support AIM without adapter was 19200 baud communication. And that setting is available since several firmware updates back. (And I can basically all firmware's in my G3 except for the very last).

Serial communication and the serial stream, is that unchanged between G3 and G4? Or is it part of the firmware?

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Ok so I double checked the wiring and the pin-out's of the Link cable and connector as desribed here:


I also hooked up the ground cable of the Link serial cable to see if it made any differance, but no. Then I also tried to switch the RX/TX cables just to make sure it was not a labeling issue of the AIM wiring, but not success there either.

So it would seem I have issues with my Link box. I have a race coming in about 2 weeks so I really need your help here!

1. Can you please confirm the pinout of the serial connector on the G3 box is in line with the description in the AIM PDF file?

2. Can you please confirm that a G3 Plus box upgraded to G4 still retains the serial output and have an identical stream to the G4.

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Good morning,

The pinout for the communication port on the G3 can be found under PCLink Help > Wiring Information > Communications Port Pinout

The information shown on the help page is identical to that shown in the AIM document you linked to above. I do not have an AIM dash here, but this morning I connected a G3 Linkplus (running G4 V4.9.3 Firmware) to our dash (the Display Link) and set the communication up for serial mode. It worked fine, as I adjusted parameters on the engine simulator they would change on the dash.

The Display Link was setup to accept the serial output from a G4 ECU and worked fine. 

As you have verified that your wiring is correct, possibly there is a fault with either your ECU or dash.

I realise you have a deadline approaching, but if you are willing to pay for the shipping we can test your dash and ECU for you.

One other thought I just had. Make sure that your USB cable is not connected to your ECU at the same time as your dash.


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Good morning,

thanks for the reply. I have tried with the USB cable disconnected too. I remove the dash and connect to another car with a G4 in it and see how it goes. That should enable me to pinpout if it's the dash or the box that seems faulty and then I can send you the box if it seems to be the issue.



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