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Variable valve timing really needs to be tuned on the dyno, it is the only way to truly know if you are going forwards or back wards.

When making changes to the target tables go in steps of 5 degrees at a time, once you see your torque drop off you, then decrease the value by 1 degree at a time until you hit the sweet spot.

You must make sure that your engine is also a free running motor, meaning that if you advance the cam timing too much that you have no piston / valve contact.



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I do not have a base file for the VVTi but I do have tuned files. Email me for a file at [email protected] you will need to adjust the injector data and a few other things. This file is a modeled fuel equation file for a VVTi based engine.


RichRDE Link Pro Tuned



I sent you an email for this file, if you dont mind.

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