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1uzfe oxygen sensors

Evan Stone

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Hi there

Just a quick question, im wiring up a 1uzfe non vvti running a g4 extreme, motor is just standard

at this stage. Is it worth while running oxygen sensors? just use the standard narrow band ones? both

of them? Or would it be better to use two wide band one ones?

Or is it not really worth using oxygen sensors at all?

Just not sure on what to do.

Thanks for your time

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A wideband will be a must for tuning. But once tuned is not a must have.

Just make sure you have fittings in the exhaust to allow a sensor for each bank. That way when tuning you can swap from bank to bank to make sure all is happy.

It is an option to have two widebands wired to the ECU and then using closed loop to trim if needed when running day to day.

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