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PCLink Switches

Philip Griffiths

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Hi, bit of a weird one...  I have built a car pc system with 10' touchscreen so that i can have PClink running while driving.  This way I can build up the gauge cluster, as you can, in PClink with whatever variables I like.  To make it even cooler, I would like to do away with dash switches for the rear wiper/demister etc.  Is there a way to add I/O switches (as you can with gauges) in PClink to the gauge tab/window that control the aux outputs?


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Hi Philip,

Just to confirm what you want to do here. You would like to control Auxiliary Outputs with a button from within PCLink?

Unfortunately not. You can turn Auxiliary outputs on and off using the auxiliary output controls within ECU controls. To turn it on you would need to select the correct auxiliary output and then select the auxiliary output function you want it to be. To turn it off you would then need to do the same process, but this time select OFF from the list.

Having an On/Off button in PCLink is a good idea though and I can add it to our requested features list.

I would be interested in seeing a picture of your car PC setup with PCLink if you have one you could attach.



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Yeah, control aux outputs with switches within PC link that you could add to the customizable blank page.  Then either directly or via solenoids operate other bits n pieces in the car. Ah well, that would be a cool feature to add, especially if you could add different looking and type switches. Then PC link can be used as an in-car interface type thing.

I havent finished the dash yet but it will be quite simple, my early sketch is attached.  Then just running a Voom car PC enclosure and computer with SSD to a 10'' touch screen.  Just running windows XP lite to make sure it starts up quickly, only takes a few seconds for the PC to boot now. 

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