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Link and motorbike engines?

Matt Dunn

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Have you guys already done trigger settings etc for a Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300 engine? We are looking at running one in a car application and are looking for an ECU to run it? Not too sure what they have for triggers at the moment untill the engine arrives.

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Once the engine arrives let me know what type of sensors it has and how many teeth and spacing of on each sensor wheel.  Chances are that we have a trigger mode already there for it.  Apparently we have done those motors, but noone can remember the trigger arrangement.

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Project is nearing completion, and the engine is away at the engine builders getting assembled, but we have the spare engine here. There is a magnetic 2 wire sensor on each of the crank and the cam, but I dont have the number of teeth yet. I will be able to pull it apart further and find out, but sorting the location of the sensors in relation to TDC may be a problem. Have you guys got any more information on this since my last post?

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Hello all, I recently fired up a stock 2001 CBR 600 F4i engine using a G3 ECU. Simon at Link helped me get the trigger set up correctly. For any link users out there running any inline 4 motorcycle engines, could you please send me your PCL files, or some screenshots of your fuel/timing tables, as well as startup/warmup enrichment? I have but a few days to get this engine ready for a very important event. I have do not have a lot of experience tuning a standalone system, and never on a motorcycle engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Dan [email protected]

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are you certain on which cylinder is number 1 ?

have you tried cranking the engine to see if you have spark and adjusted the offset ?


firing order should be 1 4 2 3

trigger multi teeth missing /teeth

24-1  and sync on cam

ref timing 0    

offset should be around 256  you will need to check and adjust this  but it should get you close




[email protected]


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