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Re: 1uzfe

Steve Bull

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Looking at the wiring diagrams for the 1uzfe, the coils, there seem to be nothing for the vvti engine with coil on plug.  Are they the same as the 2uz for wiring.  

Another thing I'm planning to use the electric throttle for the idle control.  It's controlled by four wires, One pair of wires open and closes the valve the other two seem to operate a sort of clutch that slows down, dampens the throttle valve.  what would be the best way to operate it.  My concern is that if the valve is dampened it might not operate quick enough causing idle problems.  Any ideas

Finally, the vvti engine has what is called acoustic control which operates a set of valves in the inlet manifold to change the length of the inlets.  This is operated by a solenoid which uses manifold vacuum to open these vales.  Is there any way to control these.

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Hi Steve

I notice you have posted this in the G1 forum, are you planing on wiring a G1 ECU or do you have a later unit?

As the early G1's will not work with the VVTi motors.

The 1UZ with vvt can be wired and configured as per the 2UZ

The Intake control can be controlled based on RPM using an AUX out.

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