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Trigger arming threshold

Kelly Gordon

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I'm not getting any trigger errors but looking at my logs I notice that the trigger 1 & 2 voltages are a tenth or two below the values in the threshold table at whatever  rpm.  Is close good enough or should I adjust the tables to match the actual trigger voltages from my logs.


My engine is a bastardized STi motor with WRX heads and I am using the Subaru V7-10(JDM) trigger setup.

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Looking at the statistics it says my max rpm was 13868 and I hit the rpm limit 503 times.  Still no trigger errors but here is what I log

@ xxxx rpm I log trig1/trig2, The threshold at xxxx rpm for each trigger

@ 1000 rpm I log 1.18/1.00, The thresholds are 1.2/1.0

@ 2000 rpm I log 1.48/1.39, The thresholds are 1.6/1.5

@ 3000 rpm I log 1.89/1.89, The thresholds are 2.0/2.0

@ 4000 rpm I log 2.18/2.29, The thresholds are 2.5/2.5

@ 5000 rpm I log 2.69/2.70, The thresholds are 3.0/3.0

@ 6000 rpm I log 3.28/3.30, The thresholds are 3.5/3.5

@ 6300 rpm both sensors reach max amplitude which is 3.48/3.5 via log and hold that to red line

I reset the statistics to see what happens from this point forward.  Any input on the trigger arming voltages?  Unless my tach just lags by 1000 rpm in first and second gear something is going on.  I don't think I'm spinning all the time.  Clutch is holding fine too.

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